PNC Credit Card

PNC is one of the biggest banking and financial institutions in the US.

With almost $300 dollars worth of assets, it remains one of the most trusted banks in the country. As part of its services, PNC offers four credit cards for clients to choose from: the points Visa Credit Card, points Visa Signature® Credit Card, Everyday Rewards Visa® Credit Card, and the Visa® Platinum Credit Card. By the looks of it, PNC wants to personalize each card to have them tailored to the cardholders’ means and needs. A PNC credit card is created to encourage spending with point-earning rewards program. This program even allows loyal PNC clients to combine their PNC credit card points with the points they earn from everyday banking. These points, when collected, are equal to rewards that range from gift cards to actual merchandise to free vacations.

The points Visa® Credit Card, for example, allows 4 points for every dollar spend on qualifying purchases. As an incentive for early 2010 applicants, a 3,000 bonus points is given upon first purchase of a qualified product. This PNC credit card does not require any annual fee with an APR of 10% to 22%. The transaction fees that come with the PNC credit card include a 4% advances fee (with a 10$ minimum), a 3% balance transfer fee (with a 5$ minimum), a late payment fee of 15$ to 39$, and an over credit limit of 39$.

Another PNC credit card is the points Visa Signature® Credit Card. It gives cardholders 5 points for every 1$ spent on qualifying purchases. As an added incentive, it gives users 25,000 bonus points on their first qualifying purchases and the chance to get up to 3,000$ lost luggage insurance or 500,000$ travel accident insurance. This PNC credit card, however, has an annual fee of 75$, which can be waived with 20,000$ spend on purchases. It has one of the lowest purchase APRs which ranges from 10.99% to 16.99%. Its advances APR, on the other hand, is 21.99%. A transaction fee of 4% is charged for advances while 3% is charged to balance transfers. Late payment can cost from 15$ to 39$ but an over credit limit will not cost a thing.

PNC also offers the Everyday Rewards Visa® Credit Card that offers cash back on everyday purchases. This PNC credit card has no annual fee and an APR of 10.99% to 21.99%. Transaction fees for the Everyday Rewards Visa include 4% for advances and 3% for balance transfers. Late payments, on the other hand, are charged 15$ to 39$ while an over credit limit costs 39$.

The fourth credit card offered by PNC is the Visa® Platinum Credit Card. This PNC credit card offers no annual fee and an APR ranging from 8.99% to 21.99%. Transaction fees added to this card are the same as that of the Everyday Rewards Card and even gives the cardholder access to online services and the option of making automatic payments.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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