National City Credit Card

The Ohio-based National City has excellent ratings in terms of customer service and satisfaction, according to the surveys conducted by J.D. Power.
Despite the good standing of this regional bank that also issues credit cards, it is now merely a subsidiary of PNC Financial Services Inc., acquiring it on October 2008. When matters regarding the merger are finally settled, National City will disappear and use the name of PNC. If that’s the case, what will happen to the National City Credit Card?

The National City Credit Card can still be used as it is. There are no changes that should be expected as reported by a spokesman from PNC, and the customers will still need to make the payments to avoid getting a bad credit score. In addition to this matter, the spokesman further said that speculation regarding the credit card accounts is still too early to be pursued, as there are still many transactions where approval has to be secured.

Moving on to surveys, the National City Credit Card has been one of the top three credit cards in the nation. The survey consisted of reviewing the credit card program’s customer satisfaction, billing, rates, and reward programs. Although there are still no updates regarding the matter of the credit card accounts, the net losses of National City’s credit card program must be one of the factors on why it merged with PNC, which only means that there are a lot of people not paying their bills, thus a prevalent bad credit score among the credit card holders.

Although you still have to wait for some news about your National City Credit Card, make sure to have a lookout for your mail, as there might be changes in the terms and conditions that you have agreed on the application of the credit card. Most banks which acquire other banks maintain these terms, and might even offer better services that would benefit the credit card holders. Still, keep up with the monthly payments, because there had been cases where interest rates soared way beyond more than expected when mergers happened.

The transitions that occur during bank failures and mergers are usually not that tough. Everything acquired is still viewed as assets, including your National City Credit Card account. This is because of all the interests, late fees, and other charges that you may have incurred, which you will be all paying for in order to keep up with a good credit score.

Once National City totally ceases to exist, it doesn’t mean that you are free from making any payments. On the contrary, the obligation will still remain, meaning your payments will be redirected to a new institution. You might go about thinking that your National City Credit Card bills are no more, and that is a wrong way of thinking that could greatly affect your credit score.

What can happen to your National City Credit Card is still a question. Just use the card as it is, and if you have inquiries regarding it, contact the hotline printed on the card and not the original bank that issued it. This way, you can be better informed of your credit card’s status, which is your responsibility to check anyway.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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