Midwest Credit Card

The Midwest Bank and Trust Company, a Midwest Bank Holding, Inc. subsidiary, has banking options ranging from checking accounts to Switch Kit, which allows you to transfer your accounts to Midwest Bank.
Midwest Credit Card plans are varied to fit personal and business purposes. This company offers several Visa credit card plans - five consumer credit card plans and three business credit card plans.

Five Consumer Midwest Credit Card plans

The Signature Card has main features of $25 special bonus and unlimited 1% cash back. Its benefits include rewarding 25,000 points for any roundtrip airline ticket purchased with the card. An applicant must be at least 18 years old, a certified US resident and has a Social Security number.

The Platinum Card has no annual fee and wide-ranging credit limits. The requirements for application include an annual household income of $12,000. Age and residency requisites are the same as the Signature Card.

The College Rewards Visa Card offers automatic 1,000 bonus points upon initial card usage and reward points are redeemable for as low as acquiring 1,500 points. Point earnings to purchase ratio is 1:$1 net purchase. Same age, residency and Social Security number requirements are applied, plus the applicant must be an eligible student.

The Co-Signer Visa Card allows applicants at least 16 years old who have a co-signer with $12,000 annual income.

The Secured Visa Card has an annual fee of $35 due to the custom credit line, which allows up to $5,000 credit limit. Aside from stated above applicant requirements, there should be a security deposit, from $300 to $5,000.

Three Business Midwest Credit Card plans

The Visa Platinum Business Rewards Card has unlimited 1% cash back, special $25 bonus, and double reward points for gas purchase, phone and restaurant bills.

The Visa Business Travel Card has unlimited 1% cash back, special $50 bonus, double reward points for every travel amenity purchase, and offers employee cards free of charge. The employee cards have credit spending controls as specified by the availing company. Annual company fee is $50.

The Visa Business Card has the wide-ranging credit lines and offers business money management.

All Midwest Credit Card plans except for the Secured Visa Card and Visa Business Travel Card have no annual fees. All Business Credit Cards throw in company spending reports and have no minimum time in business requirement for employees. The Signature, Platinum, Visa Platinum Business Rewards and Visa Business cards have no APR percentage put on purchases and balance transfers upon the first half-year bills. Other rewards are available depending on credit approval.

Midwest Bank credit cards are fully operated by the Elan Financial Services. This company is the creditor, issues and service provider for all Midwest Credit Card plans. For customer service needs, contact the Elan Consumer Cardmember Service either through phone or the Internet, available 24/7. You need to set up your online account through a Midwest Bank link provided in the company’s website to view balances and transactions. You can pay dues via online too.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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