KeyBank Credit Card

Key Bank is a regional bank that is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.
The bank currently has over 1,000 branches all over the United States. Key Bank started operations in 1825 and has been serving the public ever since. The company offers a variety of banking products and services intended for both individual and corporate markets. Among the products and services that they offer are mortgages, deposits, credit card, portfolio management, and loans.
The KeyBank credit card offers users flexibility and convenience of use. Keybank card rewards frequent users with perks and other privileges, such as rebates and reward miles. KeyBank currently promotes four credit card types, which are the following:
1) Platinum MasterCard Credit Card - Among the many benefits of this KeyBank credit card are free fraud protection, no annual fees and access to online banking. And since it is a premium card, users can enjoy higher purchasing caps and expanded privileges.
2) Platinum Credit Card With Rebate - Standards that come with this Keybank credit card are no annual dues, fraud security, and free online banking. The most attractive feature of this credit card is its rebate system. Users can enjoy a 1% cash-back off of their card purchases. The monthly cap for rebates is $20, while the annual cash-back ceiling is $200.
3) Platinum Credit Card With Reward - This Keybank credit card is perfect for individuals who prefer incentives in the form of rewards. Users can earn 1 point for every dollar purchase. Cardholders also receive quarterly reports containing their total number of points earned. Points are valid for three years. Annual fee for this card is waived in the first year. Users can also monitor their account online.
4) Student Platinum Credit Card - this card is open to full-time students who are enrolled in colleges or universities. Applicants should also be at least 18 years of age upon application. This Keybank credit card offers fraud protection, no annual fees and a 1% rebate on all card purchases.

Users can also withdraw money with the card from ATM booths worldwide. Cardholders can go online to check their accounts and are given free travel and auto rental insurance. Students whose cars stalled can call the bank for free roadside assistance. Another benefit to users is that Keybank will not charge them for purchases that are found to be fraudulent and illegal.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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