Juniper Credit Card Payment

Recently acquired by Barclays Bank Delaware, Juniper Bank is the fastest rising credit card issuer in the United States.
Issuing both Visa and MasterCard credit cards, Juniper Bank offers major co-branded consumer cards mostly with popular companies such as Apple, Lufthansa, US Airways, Best Western, Barnes and Noble, Gulf, and a lot more. Focusing on the consumer credit card market, Juniper Bank has around 36 personal credit cards and 6 business cards.

Approval for a Juniper credit card depends on which card you are applying for. Since all of them, however, are rewards cards, they require at least a good credit rating for higher chances of approval. Your FICO credit score should be at least 715 to get approval for a Juniper credit card.

Juniper credit card payment methods are convenient and easy for all types of consumers. You can pay online through your credit card account, snail mail or express mail a check to Juniper Bank’s Card Services department, call the automated phone system, or speak to a representative over the phone for a more secured transaction.

The most convenient Juniper credit card payment method is probably the online method. This payment scheme even allows you to make automatic repeat monthly payment and multiple card payment transactions. Just log in to your online account and choose the external account that you will use to pay your credit card every month. Once the due date comes, the payment will be automatically deducted from that external account for a hassle-free transaction.

Another Juniper credit card payment method is check mailing or money order. You can choose to express mail the check or snail mail it using the envelope provided with the billing statement. Just make sure that you have the right address on the envelope and that it comes with a payment coupon. Express mailed checks are credited within two business days of receipt so you should allot a leeway when mailing to avoid acquiring penalty fees.

A Juniper credit card payment can also be made by phone with or without a customer service representative. Phone payments should be done before 7pm to be processed within the day.

A lot of consumers get confused over the 90-day Juniper credit card payment term that’s available on some cards. This 90-days payment term starts from the date of purchase and not the date of billing as commonly interpreted. So, if you want to avoid those late payment fees, check the terms and conditions that apply to your card.

Juniper credit card payment fees include a late payment fee of $39.95 and a returned payment fee of $39.95.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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