HDFC Credit Card Rewards

There are different HDFC Credit Card Rewards for all HDFC Credit Cards.
These credit cards come in a wide variety and they are specially fit for the financial needs of every consumer out there. They are grouped into certain categories, which are Classic cards, Commercial cards, Premium cards, and Special Benefit cards. Each credit card category has its own set of features that will allow a consumer to enjoy its benefits while allowing one to maintain a good credit score.

As with most credit card programs, HDFC Credit Card Rewards are available for you every time you use the credit card. Just like the credit cards, the reward options are classified depending on the reward program, either Classic or Premium, and catalogued into distinct categories, which are apparel, appliances, care, charity, dining, electronics, favorites, health, home, kid, lifestyle, luxury, magazines, shopping, and travel.

Basically, it works by earning at least 500 reward points to be qualified as a Classic member, then 3,000 to move on to become a Premium member. Being a Premium member is more advantageous than the Classic membership because more offers and privileges are available to you, so hit up that mark to join in. To redeem your rewards, simply drop them a letter or make a call to redeem.

For apparel, you can get the latest fashion items from different fashion labels such as Arrow, Lee, Nike, Reebok, United Colors of Benetton, Wrangler, and other major fashion boutiques in India. Otherwise, if you prefer to use your HDFC Credit Card Rewards for your home, you can exchange your points for different magazine subscriptions, Tupperware containers, a Corelle dining set, a handy blender and chopper made by Philips, and other electronic equipment for a more convenient and comfortable home life.

Personal hygiene needs and perfumes are also redeemable with points from HDFC Credit Card Rewards. You can also choose Apollo health checks instead for men, women, and children. In addition to that, you might also want to select gift vouchers that can give you books, audio CDs, and a selection of computer accessories.

Most people love to shop, so if you are one of those, you can trade HDFC Credit Card Rewards with gift certificates from major stores and shopping malls. After shopping, eating out would be a great idea, and having gift checks for a coffee, pizza, or some fine dining at a nice hotel is sure to make your day complete.

If you are the traveling type, HDFC Credit Card Rewards in the form of travel bags will be a great companion wherever you go. You can also convert your reward points into air miles. Indeed, there is a wide variety of choices for you to choose from whatever your taste and preference is.

Just remember, though, to use your credit card wisely instead of just mindlessly swiping your card to gain all the HDFC Credit Card Rewards. Maintaining a good credit history is still better than availing all the rewards that are possible to redeem. That way, you are sure to secure more financial opportunities in the future.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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