Harris Bank Credit Card

A major player in banking and finance is the Chicago-based Harris Bank.
With over 281 branches in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana and with over 600 ATMs, Harris Bank serves a large market - an estimated 1.2 million customers. Aside from small business, middle market, and corporate banking for individuals and small businesses, Harris bank also offers other services. One is the Harris Bank credit card. Harris bank actually offers two credit cards: American Express and MasterCard®.

The first Harris Bank credit card is the Harris Accelerated Rewards® American Express® Card. Aimed to encourage consumer spending by offering 1.25 points for every dollar spent, this Harris Bank credit card gives rewards that start at 2,500 points. A cardholder can even choose to wait up to 5 years until their points are enough to get their coveted rewards. The Harris Bank credit card rewards include travel packages like free air, hotel accommodation, and car rentals. There are free merchandise, gift certificates, and cash backs for cardholders who prefer them. Being associated with American Express, this Harris Bank credit card also features insurance packages to cardholders during travel and shopping. It even has fraud protection against unauthorized card users and over 2,200 travel services in over 140 countries worldwide. This Harris Bank credit card does not charge annual fees and offers clients the chance to pay in full or over time. Its APR can be as low as 9.99%, with a balance transfer offer APR of 0.00% for the first 12 cycles under certain terms and conditions. Its lowest available APR is fixed, meaning, the rate will not change with U.S. prime rates. For interested applicants, Harris Bank recommends a credit score of 771 for higher chances of approval. You’ll need to have an excellent credit to get this card.

Another Harris bank credit card is the Harris WorldPoints® Platinum Plus® MasterCard® Credit Card. This is a MasterCard airline rewards card that is intentionally for those who have an almost perfect credit rating and history. In fact, this Harris Bank credit card recommends a credit score of 812 for higher chances of approval. Its APR varies among applicants ranging from 9.99% to 13.99%. Like the AmEx card, it doesn’t charge any annual fee and lets the user earn 1 point for every dollar spent on retail purchases. Added perks from MasterCard® include a travel accident and auto rental insurance and a purchase assurance. The latter provides coverage on goods that are stolen or damaged within 90 days of purchase. WorldPoints® Rewards for the Harris Bank credit card begin at only 2,500 points which include travel, car rental, and hotel rewards; cash back rewards; gift certificates; and actual merchandise.


Source: http://www.creditcardsforpeoplewithbadcreditrating.com

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