Dubai First Credit Card

Under the umbrella of Dubai Group, a financial institution which leads the seven companies of Dubai Holding, Dubai First continuously expands its financial offerings with the Dubai First Credit Card
It was introduced in the Middle East in partnership with MasterCard as the credit card with the biggest cash back incentives. It also has features for the convenience of the cardholders which can surpass any offerings that most credit cards have to offer.

The Dubai First Credit Card gives cash back offers to cardholders for as much as 4% of each purchase made in United Arab Emirates and across the world. This is not just a mere promo, since it would be the leading feature of the card, along with the tap-and-go feature powered by MasterCard PayPass.

Tap-and-go is actually a contactless mode of payment designed for faster purchases amounting to not more than AED100. There are now an estimated 80,000 establishments that accept payments with PayPass, giving convenience to around 20 million cardholders empowered with this technology. This is done by simply tapping the Dubai First Credit Card on a PayPass terminal. Not only is this a fast way of making purchases, but security is also guaranteed with each transaction done.

The partnership with MasterCard is an effort to understand the customers’ wants and needs, which can make the Dubai First Credit Card as the leading credit card among the masses. Along with that, the credit card program also has tailor-made services that would fit customers across all levels of markets, giving them the best possible value for their money with an immediate rewarding system. Thus, it can be said that the Dubai First Credit Card has more focus on customer satisfaction and guaranteed quality service.

The Dubai First Credit Card is dead-set in getting the topnotch positions in giving financial services within the span of three years. It has already launched couple of products, one of them being the first credit card around Middle East to have a diamond embedded on it. This luxurious and bejeweled credit card is the Dubai First Royale MasterCard, which is currently for invitation only.

Like any other credit card program, the Dubai First Credit Card has a rewards system that gives one point for every dirham spent. Enrollment to the program is free and automatic, so all cardholders are eligible for the catalogue of prizes that await them. The rewards consist mostly of gift certificates from children's stores, duty free centers, electronics and home appliances centers, fashion and accessories shops, fitness and sports centers, jewelry shops, and malls. You can also redeem points for free air travel, free annual membership fee, or charity work.

With all the premium services and benefits that can assure customer satisfaction and excellent service, the Dubai First Credit Card can really beat the credit cards around the region especially if it continues to expand and to maintain its offerings. Convenience, flexibility, quality, and value are important to cardholders, and this credit card is well-founded on those values, thus allowing the company to fulfill its mission and vision.


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