CorTrust Credit Card

With 25 branches fully operating in South Dakota and Minnesota, CorTrust remains to be one of the strongest and most trusted commercial banks in the United States.
Included in its A services are credit cards that are designed to meet every client’s financial needs. There are actually five personal credit cards available to residents of the eastern part of South Dakota: the CorTrust Visa Classic, the CorTrust MasterCard, the CorTrust Visa Gold, CorTrust Visa Kernel Pride, and the CorTrust Visa President's Bowl. Each CorTrust credit card offers very competitive interest rates and benefits that are exclusive only to CorTrust credit card holders.

The major features of a CorTrust credit card include discounts on products and services. Each CorTrust credit card holder receives special savings on as auto rental from Avis, Hertz, and National; discounts on eye examinations, contact lenses, and eyeglass frames; and savings of up to 50% on prescription drugs. A CorTrust credit card is also given emergency cash of up to $500 for stranded cardholders and travel dividends through its 24-hour travel service bureau. Even credit card registration is free with its toll-free registration service.

The basic fees and charges of a CorTrust credit card include a purchase and cash advance APR of 14.88%, which is equal to a monthly interest of 1.24%. The basic finance charge is the cash advance fee of 2% of the amount, which should start from $2 and end at $10. Penalty charges imposed on a CorTrust credit card include a late payment fee of $20, an over-the-limit fee of another $20, a duplicate statement fee of $2 per statement, a special request fee of $25, and a returned check fee of $20.

The CorTrust Visa Classic and the CorTrust MasterCard are the major credit cards issued by CorTrust. Both credit cards offer a rewards program that allows the cardholder to earn a point for each dollar spent on purchases using the card. These points can be accumulated and redeemed for travel benefits and merchandise. However, aside from the basic fees imposed, both cards also charge an annual fee of $15 to CorTrust credit card holders that do not use their cards at least three times within 12 months prior to the renewal date.

Another CorTrust credit card is the CorTrust Visa Gold which gives the consumer the ability to increase his/her credit limit over time, provided that s/he establishes a strong credit rating. The CorTrust Visa Gold also offers a rewards program to cardholders. Just like the first two credit cards, an annual fee of $15 is imposed on cardholders that fail to use their credit cards at least three times within a year.

Other CorTrust credit cards are the CorTrust VISA Kernel Pride and the CorTrust VISA President's Bowl. Each purchase charged on these two cards helps the Mitchell School District Kernel Technology Fund and the President's Bowl. These are organizations that help students become more competitive for the future.

With the same competitive fees and charges, you have nothing to lose with any CorTrust credit card.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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