BB&T Credit Card

The Branch Banking and Trust Corporation offers various financial and banking solutions for personal, business and security purposes.
Among its products and solutions are six BB&T Credit Card plans, all under Visa.

Two Personal BB&T Credit Card plans

The Visa Platinum and the Student Visa Platinum credit card plans have no annual fees. These do not have charges for balance transfers for three months starting from the opening of the plan. You have the choice to apply to the BB&T Rewards Program. If you do so, you will receive 1,500 points upon your first card usage on purchases. A $10 gift card is also given for those who reach 2,000 points. This Visa Platinum card is accepted in over thirty two million establishments around the world. The Student Visa Platinum is available for 18-24 year old applicants.

Four Commercial BB&T Credit Card plans

The BB&T Visa Business Credit Card is for business travel and supplies purchases. Rewards are only given to companies with $100,000-credit limit.

The BB&T Visa Purchasing Card is for handling business purchases. This has various spending control functions, from transaction limits to vendor blocking.

The BB&T Visa Corporate Card has many travel advantages, even includes up to 60% discount on hotels. And has the liability protection against fired employees who still use the credit card, up to $15,000 coverage.

Lastly, the BB&T Credit Card Connection program that allows companies to integrate and monitor all transactions trafficked by all employees. The current company credit card accounts could be enrolled through the BB&T Bankcard Client Services phone.

All the commercial credit cards have no annual fees and are accepted in more than thirty million locations across the globe. These also include the Visa Liability Waiver Insurance. The coverage is from $5,000 to $100,000 depending on the card holders included in any of the credit card plans. They also throw in the Travel and Emergency Assistance clause, which includes insurance coverage amounting to $250,000 travel accident for major card holders.

You can apply for a BB&T Credit Card in person through local branches of BB&T Company; though phone available Mondays to Saturdays; send them email or sign up online via the company website.

Both BB&T Credit Card plans are inclusive of BB&T Company’s Zero Liability Protection. You are given the better half of the deal whenever unauthorized and suspicious transactions are made through your account.

BB&T Company pursues paperless transactions. You will get your monthly statements via your online account. You could also opt for the automatic payment option for regular bills. Your online account also has archiving measures that allows you to go over statements as far back as two years ago. The company also assures you of strong security measures through their high-end SSL encryption technology.

The BB&T Credit Card is only available in twelve main territories - Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C. For a complete listing of the local branches in each state, check the company website.


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