Askari Bank Credit Card

The Askari Bank Limited of Pakistan is one of the most respected banks in the region of Pakistan.
The Askari Bank Limited, founded in 1992, is a relatively new financial institution. Since its inception, it has seen rapid growth and prosperity, thanks largely to its customer service and wide array of customer-oriented products. The Askari Bank Limited, or Askari Bank as it is now called, has branches and networks throughout the world and throughout Pakistan.

Askari Bank offers five Mastercard credit cards to its customers - the Gold, Platinum, Classic, Corporate, and HBFC credit cards. All of the cards require a credit check and all require applicants to have moderate to good credit scores and histories in order to qualify. Applications can be done online through the Askari Bank web site. Applicants are not required to reside in any particular location (there is no residency requirement) and all transactions can be done electronically and/or over the phone.

The Classic, Gold and Platinum Mastercards offered through Askari Bank have similar terms. The complete list of terms can be found online. All Askari Bank credit cards are accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted around the world and around Pakistan. Additionally, with these cards members can withdraw cash against the credit limit as cash advances in Pakistan and worldwide through ATMs and bank branches. There is twenty-four hour customer service available for cardholders through both phone and email support. Outstanding balances from other cards can also be transferred to any of the Askari Bank credit cards, with good annual percentage rates available. Cardholders can have up to five separate cards for a single account, so family members can access the account any time. Additionally, there is a safety net for cardholders when traveling - when international travel is purchased through Askari Bank credit cards the cost of travel is automatically covered under the travel insurance plan in case of personal accident resulting in death or permanent disability. There are also travel protections against lost or stolen baggage and travel delays. Applications for these cards must have moderate to good credit scores to qualify.

The Askari Bank credit card offers have unique features. The most unique of the Askari Bank credit cards is the HBFC Mastercard. This card is exclusively for HBFC (House Building Finance Corporation) members. The card is co-branded through both Askari Bank and HBFC. With this unique card, cardholders can make mortgage installment payments on the card. Cardholders also have access to a blocked credit limit up to three mortgage installments. Additionally, people with good credit scores enjoy an additional credit facility as approved by the Askari Bank. The HBFC Mastercard is ideal for HBFC homeowners who have good credit scores and who make low to moderate incomes. The other terms of the card are similar to other Askari Bank credit card offers and can be found online.

The Askari Bank offers Mastercards with good terms to clients with at least moderately good credit ratings. Be sure to check out all the terms before applying for any of the credit cards.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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