Ameritrust Credit Card

Ameritrust Mortgage Company is an established name in the US mortgage industry.
It offers a variety of products and solutions to clients. The company has been getting a lot of criticisms about its credit card line, eliciting a lot of complaints from consumers who felt had been had by their clever marketing tactics. There seems to be a common thread with individuals who felt had been scammed by Ameritrust Credit Card. They would initially get a phone call from a representative from Ameritrust Credit Card offering them a credit building credit card with hard to resist features and benefits. The card would come with an initial maximum credit limit of $2,000. The customer would be then be informed that he would need to deposit $200 which would be returned to him in the form of cash vouchers once he receives his credit card. In some cases, customers would be asked to purchase items from a catalogue worth $200. The problem usually starts when a customer attempts to cancel his credit card application. He would then be given a round-around and would be passed on to different individuals who are not able provide to them with sufficient and satisfactory answers. By the time that a customer is able to talk to an Ameritrust Credit Card representative who is knowledgeable, the expiry period for him to cancel his subscription would have elapsed. Ultimately, a customer’s $200 exposure would no longer be valid for refund. Adding insult to injury, they would be asking a customer to pay a cancellation fee if they disclose that they are no longer interested to acquire an Ameritrust Credit Card.

New variations have started to come out lately, one of which is when a potential customer is offered an Ameritrust Credit Card that he could use to pay for his utility bills and help him build his credit along the way. He would then be asked to pay a $200 processing fee. After the money has been withdrawn, the customer would then be notified that he cannot use it as a credit card. The customer expectedly would get furious. The company’s customer service department would attempt to turn the tables around by playing out portions of the initial phone conversation with the client, conveniently deleting out the portions where the features of the credit card were discussed.
What makes the credit card more suspicious is that considering the reputation of the company, it doesn’t have a dedicated credit card Web site.

People who feel have been victimized by the said company should promptly inform concerned government agencies. Consumers are also advised to ignore credit card offers from Ameritrust until complaints against the company have been sufficiently resolved and addressed.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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