AIB Credit Card Services

AIB or the Allied Irish Banks is one of Ireland’s oldest banking and financial institutions.
Founded in Dublin in 1825, it serves major countries in Europe and even the United States. Services offered by AIB include banking services, lending services, investment loans, insurance, personal loans, wealth management services, corporate finance, risk management, and other financial services. AIB credit card services such as Visa and MasterCard issued credit cards are also available.

Credit card issuing is one of the main AIB credit card services available. There are actually four types of credit cards that AIB clients can apply for: the Click credit card, the ‘be’ Visa or MasterCard, the AIB mc2 MasterCard, and the Platinum Visa MasterCard. Clients can even apply for a credit card online through AIBs website. Rates of the AIB Click Visa include a purchase APR of 8.5%, a cash advance APR of 23.4%, and a balance transfer APR of 8.5%. The ‘be’ Visa or MasterCard credit card, on the other hand, has an introductory purchase APR of 3.9% for the first twelve months, which will revert to the standard purchase APR of 15.15% or 18.15% depending on the cardholder’s purchases. The ‘be’ credit card’s cash advance APR is around 23.4% while its balance transfer APR starts at 3.9%. The AIB mc2 Student MasterCard also has an introductory purchase APR of 3.9%. This will go back to the standard variable APR of 15.9% after 12 billing cycles. The cash advance APR of the Student MasterCard is around 23.4%. However, it does not offer a balance transfer service. For the AIB Platinum Visa MasterCard, the cash advance APR is 23.4%. Both APRs for purchases and balance transfer start at 3.9% until the 12th billing cycle. After this, the rates will go back to the variable standard APR imposed on regular cards.

Other AIB credit card services include credit card management such as payment, balance transfer, and cash advance. All credit card accounts can also be accessed online for more convenient account management. Cardholders can also choose to pay through phone banking, direct debit, or credit transfer.

To access all these AIB credit card services, a client will have to be 18 years old or above and proven to have the capacity to sustain the credit card.

All AIB credit card services are under certain terms and conditions that may not be voluntarily expressed by online information or by bank employees. When applying for any of the AIB credit card services, make sure that you have all your information correct to avoid denial, confusion, or enrolling in something that you’ll regret later.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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