ADCB Credit Card

The Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), founded in 1985, is one of the largest national banks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
It offers a wide variety of services for personal and commercial banking needs. The bank serves its community through its financial services as well as by sponsoring local sports and community events. The ADCB is one of the most modern, dynamic, and customer focused banks in the United Arab Emirates; it serves people of the UAE as well as others. It is one of the first to serve national working women and expatriates as well.

ADCB offers several credit cards for its customers that have unique rewards and features that make them attractive for a wide variety of people. There are both MasterCard and Visa ADCB credit cards available directly through ADCB. Applications for ADCB credit cards can be submitted online, and all details about the offers are also online. Note that all ADCB credit cards require a credit check and there are some restrictions for approvals for certain cards. These offers are designed for people with good credit scores and a positive credit history.

The ADCB credit card is one of the first to incorporate state of the art technology for security protection directly into the card. All ADCB credit cards have chips imbedded within them that enhance the security of the ADCB credit cards as well as outstanding other benefits. All of the ADCB credit cards are secured by a protection program that offers 90 days protection against theft, loss or damage of the purchases you make with your ADCB credit card. Additionally, there is protection against fraudulent charges if your wallet or purse is stolen. The benefits of the ADCB credit cards also include 24-hour vehicle protection that protects against breakdown anywhere in the United Arab Emirates, a global life insurance plan for cardholders and their family members, and protection against disability, critical illness, involuntary loss of employment, or death. Finally, for travel arrangements made with your ADCB credit card there is protection against personal accidents, emergency medical expenses, as well as travel-related issues such as delayed departures, missed flights, lost baggage, and lost travel documents.

ADCB offers three types of credit cards - Classic, Gold, and Platinum. The benefits of these cards are different. First, the ADCB Classic credit card is a no annual fee card with moderate annual percentage rates and low fees for additional services such as cash advances. Second, the ADCB Gold credit card is a card offering low annual percentage rates on balance transfers to the card; there are no annual fees and low fees for additional services. Third, the ADCB Platinum credit cards offers numerous exclusive rewards both for signing up and for card use that include travel promotions and reward points. Full details of the ADCB credit cards and the terms of use can be found online through ADCB.

 Applicants must have good credit scores and must meet some eligibility requirements. This would not be your first choice if you have a bad credit rating. It is best to apply for this credit card after you have spent some time building your credit history and score.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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